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International Cooperation
Junying has been working with many companies in the United States, Australia and Canada for ten years.
Quick Production
Junying can manufacture 1 to 1000 pieces of complicated parts within 3 days.
Fast Delivery
Junying can deliver your custom metal parts through DHL.UPS.FEDEX within 3 days.
Easy Type of Payment
We use PayPal to quickly receive payments

Good Quality
We provide many custom machining, stamping and die casting metal parts for 16 years, Junying has carefully implemented each regulation in management details in accordance with ISO. Therefore, metal parts offered by Junying has high quality.  

Best Service
We have specialized in metal parts processing for 16 years and can manufacture metal parts according to customers' requirements. We have advanced manufacturing equipment. In addition, we also provide inspection service and after-sales service, ensuring that our products can have the best performance in application. We strive 100% satisfaction.
Competitive Price
Compared with other suppliers, Junying can provide lower factory price for our metal part products, which can help you save money.


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Turning Service

Perfect service
  • Junying has more than 100 different types of lathes to meet your different product samples and manufacturing needs.
  • The basic guidelines of Junying's CNC turning including important design considerations improve manufacturability and beautiful appearance of parts and shorten overall production time.
  • Junying has cooperated with DHL.UPS.FEDEX and TNT for more than 10 years, and we can deliver your customized products within 3 days.
  • Junying has been working with companies in the United States, Australia and Canada for 10 years. We are familiar with your required materials, surface treatments, service industries, advantages and limitations of the rules of thumb.
  • You can use PayPal for small payments, so that you can quickly get your sample for the first time.
Manufacturing and testing ability
  • Manufacturing sizes
Junying is able to manufacture up to the 4th axis, and our work ranges from 18"x14" chassis to small inserts and component parts.
  • Manufacturing accuracy
Our current turning capacity ranges from 1/2" to 10" in diameter. 
  •  Accurate detection
Junying has 5 sets of Mitutoyo CNC CMM BRT504 and more testing equipment, which can quickly check all products manufactured by turning processes.
  •  Comprehensive inspection
Rapid test fixtures with good design and quality is part of our work. Therefore, we can quickly and accurately detect more products.

A complete material inventory
  • Junying can find the rare materials such as Titanium alloys Ti-6Al4V, Inconel 718, Nickel Alloys, Magnesium, etc.
  • Junying can accurately test the elements of the purchased materials, and we are a good partner for the national testing and measurement institutes.
  • Junying's rich material inventory can meet your urgent needs.
Surface treatment with good quality
Machinery Powder Coating Anodizing Electroplate Chemical Film
Buff polishing Black Hardcoat - Non Dyed Copper Alodine - Clear
Vibratory polishing Metallic Red   Nickel Alodine - Yellow
Brushing Metallic Blue   Tin Black Oxide
Blasting     Zinc Passivate
Laser marking Wet Spray Paint   E-Nickel  
Polishing  Powder coating   Cadmium  

Rich processing experience in many industries
  • The automotive industry
  • The semiconductor industry
  • The aerospace industry
  • The fiber-optic industry
  • The electrical industry
  • The aircraft industry
  • The audio equipment industry
  • The bicycle industry
  • The medical device industry
  • The firearm industry
Rich turning materials
  • We stock a range of metal materials that are suitable for various parts. Aluminum, brass, low carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloy and titanium are selected for turned parts.