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Stamping is a forming process that apply force on plates, strips, tubes and bars through press machine and mold, making materials cause plastic deformation or separation, then, acquired parts with required shapes and dimensions. Stamping blanks are mainly hot rolled or cold rolled steel plate or steel strip. Car body, underpan, fuel tank and radiator fin of auto, steam drum of boiler, shell of container, silicon steel sheet on electric machine or electric appliance are processed by stamping. Instruments, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery and living container also widely apply stamping parts. Materials, mold and equipment are the main three factors for stamping. According to processing temperature, stamping can be classified into hot stamping and cold stamping.

The mold used for stamping is called as stamping mold. Stamping mold is the special tool that materials (metals or non-metals) are mass produced into stamping parts. Stamping mold is vital for stamping. 

Stamping has its unique advantages on economy and technology:
1. Stamping has high production efficiency, convenient for operation. Mechanization and automation can be realized easily.
2. The mold maintain dimension and form accuracy of stamping parts, and it also do not damage surface of stamping parts. Besides, the service life of mold is longer. So, stamping parts have steady quality. 
3. Stamping can process parts having wide dimension range and complicated shape. Adding with cold deformation hardening effect of materials, stamping has higher intensity and rigidity. 
4. Stamping generally does not cause smear metals or particles, costing less materials and it also does not need heating equipments. So, stamping is a materials and energy conservation processing method. Stamping parts have lower cost.

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International Cooperation
Junying has been working with many companies in the United States, Australia and Canada for ten years.
Quick Production
Junying can manufacture 1 to 1000 pieces of complicated parts within 3 days.
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Junying can deliver your custom metal parts through DHL.UPS.FEDEX within 3 days.
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We use PayPal to quickly receive payments

Good Quality
We provide many custom machining, stamping and die casting metal parts for 16 years, Junying has carefully implemented each regulation in management details in accordance with ISO. Therefore, metal parts offered by Junying has high quality.  

Best Service
We have specialized in metal parts processing for 16 years and can manufacture metal parts according to customers' requirements. We have advanced manufacturing equipment. In addition, we also provide inspection service and after-sales service, ensuring that our products can have the best performance in application. We strive 100% satisfaction.
Competitive Price
Compared with other suppliers, Junying can provide lower factory price for our metal part products, which can help you save money.


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