• What industries can be changed by the mature 3D printing technology? (part two)

What industries can be changed by the mature 3D printing technology? (part two)

The 3D printing technology "reassembles the head" of a baby boy who suffers from a strange disease.
After a series of examinations and diagnosis, Ma Yunfu, a director of pediatric neurosurgery, said that Xiaobin suffers from a very serious cranial stenosis, which is characterized by premature closure of single or multiple skull sutures clinically. The incidence of cranial stenosis during infant's growing is about six of ten thousandths.

According to Ma Yunfu, every case is unique because the operation of cranial stenosis orthopaedics depends on the skull shape of different child. Previous cases of craniotomy were operated by experience according to the actual situation. And the effect of surgery could only be known until the closure of scalp. Whereas right now, with 3D printing technique, an exact replica of patient's skull can be printed before operation.

Xiaobin's operation was finished after four hours, and the stitches were taken out ten days later. A mere few days of convalescence, a perfect shape of Xiaobin's assembled skull had become visible.

The Orthopedic 3D Printing Engineering Research Center of Gansu Province was approved to be established.
Recently, led by Professor Xiayayi and supported by the Second Hospital Affiliated to Lanzhou University, The Orthopedic 3D Printing Engineering Research Center of Gansu Province was approved to be established by the Development and Reform Commission of Gansu Province.

Shenzhen Creality 3D technology Co. Ltd., a 3D printer manufacturer became a full member of AMREEA.
Jan.5-7, 2018, Creality 3D technology Co. Ltd. attended the Annual 3D Printing Education Conference and the Conference of the Establishment of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) AMREEA, hosted by Beijing Research of Education Science and Technology Enterprise, and became a full member of AMREEA.

The establishment of AMREEA is for maintaining the sound and rapid development for industries like additive manufacturing, prompting the system of training talents with related occupations, which includes training for technical skills, multi-skill and knowledge. Not only does AMREEA fit the trend of transforming and upgrading to modern manufacturing, but it is also a significant initiative of cultivating reserve personnel for 3D printing industry in education field.

3D printing and additive manufacturing are two important developing directions of Made in China 2025 by the State Council of China. One of the biggest characteristics of 3D printing technique is that it can activate a mode for us to manufacture multiple products with short amount, or even customize.

Equipment and materials are what matter to this technology. Thanks to the policy support, in Xi'an, an academy of additive manufacturing was established as an innovation hub of domestic additive manufacturing industry. Without a doubt, except for manufacture, 3D printing can also play an important role in medical treatment, architecture, or education field.

3D Printed Switch Dock with Super Mario Odyssey Theme
Nintendo Switch must be docked when playing on the TV mode. But there is only one edition of OEM dock available right now. Lately, one creative guy designed a custom Super Mario Odyssey dock 3D-printed by ABS plastics and put it on Etsy, which works well with a console, two Joy-Con controllers, and an Amiibo. The dock was hand-painted and guaranteed for long-lasting color maintenance.

3D Printing Technology-3D Printed Skull


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