• Matters needing attention when it comes to CNC part design (Part Two)

Matters needing attention when it comes to CNC part design (Part Two)

No matter how small the end mill is, any pocket angle will remain slightly rounded. If the CNC component has a sharp corner, the inner corner of the pocket can be cut to prevent not being align with the measure gauge.

The tool holder clearance can be a problem when we process pockets next to high walls. Specify many parts that are designed to be bolted after manufacturing in order to avoid this problem.

In order to obtain maximum strength, it is only necessary to drill a hole which is one to three times of the diameter. Any deeper levels are unnecessary and expensive. If a hole is needed, punch a hole.

Limit the risk factors of the mechanic. Processing multiple simple parts is less expensive than machining a complex part, because the risk factors are involved. Most stores will charge extra money for more complex parts. The reason is that if an error occurs, it will cost more to redo the complex part than that of the simple part.

Setup and Fixturing
Proper workpiece clamping reduces the possibility of errors and makes sure that parts are manufactured to the right specifications. 

Vise fixturing is the most common and cheapest method of workpiece clamping. This kind of method requires the part to have two parallel sides which can be gripped by a vise.
Use a soft jaw clamp to machine more complex parts without parallel edges. When the vise jaws are cut into the same shape as the part to be manufactured. Softjaw fixtures do require additional processing steps, but they are still quite cost effective.

Double-sided tapes are suitable for parts that do not require flood cooling in the processing process. However, it requires a large surface area to hold the tape, and sometimes it is difficult to remove the adhesive after processing.

For larger plate-like parts which cannot be clamped with a vise, the through holes are used to fix the part. Existing holes can sometimes be used, but if the specification file contains a note indicating that the hole can be cut for this purpose if necessary. And it can save the mechanic's time.

Avoid setting up multiple times. The most cost-effective components are those that have no features on the side or back. Because it is not necessary to reset the machine and re-fix the part.



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